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Räffelstrasse 26
CH – 8045 Zürich

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Since 2001 Jörg Boner (b 1968) has designed lamps, furniture, and items of everyday use in his design studio in Zurich. His developments continue to question conventional modes of production. His work emphasises innovation in production and functionality in use as much as the beauty and elegance of objects. Jörg Boner is recipient of the Swiss Grand Prix Design (2011).

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Current team
Verena Hutter, Sara Obrecht

Former team members
Julien Ayer, Louisa Carmona, Anna-Sophie Studer, Romain Viricel, Jonathan Hotz, Philipp Grundhöfer, Bertille Laguet, Lucas Uhlmann, Simone Tharakan, Miriam Nietlispach, Susanne Bühlmann, Greta Hauer, Moritz Schlatter, Lars Christian Trommer, Francisco Torres

Graphic design: NORM
Website: ATTRIBUTE, Christof Täschler

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