For me, the chairs by the Swiss designers Max Bill, Bruno Rey, Edlef Bandixen and Hans Eichenberger from the 1950s to 1970s have always stood out as milestones.

They are characterised by a clear attitude towards the economy of materials and production as well as a high standard of beauty. About a year ago we were asked by Atelierpfister to design a new Swiss wooden chair. The greatest challenge in the development of this chair was responding to the economic conditions. The task was to achieve the best possible balance between the targeted sales price and the design requirements. The question was how we could develop a chair that was not only beautiful, intelligent, and extremely well constructed, but which also had a sensational sales price. This is the ‚royal discipline‘ of design! At stake is the democratisation of well designed objects, made available to the largest possible number of people. That is why this project has been an important challenge for me. We spent the last few months working on this new wooden chair. In doing so we tried to learn from the qualities of the Swiss designers mentioned above, whom I hold in high esteem, and on that basis we tried to develop a language of our own.