Swiss Embassy Khartoum Sudan

Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FBL
Project assistant:
Louisa Carmona
Milo Keller

Interior Design for the Swiss ambassador’s residence in Khartoum, Sudan. The interior reacts to the local cultural and climatic conditions and follows the spatial structure of the building. The project’s perimeters is divided into three segments. The garden which is the main entrance according to Sudan’s culture, the living room and the salon. The latter behaves like a side aisle, separating the living room spatially as well as climatically from the garden. The living room itself consists architecturally of 3 parts, separated through the building’s structure. According to the approach, it was an aim to display Swiss design for the furnishing of this representative space, which shows a selection of mainly contemporary pieces. Hence, the official location offers a deeper insight into the current culture of Swiss consumer goods.