Schätti Leuchten, Swissbau

Schätti Leuchten
Project assistant:
Romain Viricel
Basile Bornand

The exhibition of Schätti Leuchten at the Swissbau fair in Basel presents the entire collection (design by jörg boner productdesign) on a bright stand made from birch plywood. The light of the lamps falls onto the top edge of the conically shaped floor pedestals of various sizes. The cone shape of the pedestals in sectional view depicts the light flow, translating it into geometric bodies. All relevant technical data relating to the light performance of the lamps are communicated in a text displayed on the plywood boards. Just like the individual products in the Schätti collection the presentation communicates the formal qualities as much as the technical light data. The presentation was given the Swissbau Gold Award for the best fair.