Schätti Leuchten, Light + Building

Schätti Leuchten
Project assistant:
Louisa Carmona
Basile Bornand

Like a stage, a panoramic picture of the alpine world of Glarus frames the stand at the trade fair Light+ Building in Frankfurt 2016. The snow-covered mountains of Glarus, heavily pixelated and coloured by the Zurich graphic design studio NORM, become the identity of the Swiss light brand. Delicate white steel tubes on a white pedestal characterise the scenery on the ground. The whole picture is reminiscent of an abstract landscape. The sky is formed by a frame covered with white fabric, which reflects the intense light of the standing lamps downwards from above. The result is a surreal scenery, charged with radiant light in front of a picture of the landscape in which context the lamps are produced.