Schätti Leuchten, Designers' Saturday

Schätti Leuchten
Project assistant:
Jonathan Hotz
Milo Keller

The project is situated in a pocket of space whose boundaries present an image of the mountains of Glarus. In the background we see the Martinsloch, an aperture in the mountainous silhouette through which sunshine floods in as it does every year in spring and autumn. In a sense the narrow valley of Glarus has been transported to Langenthal. And the topic is light, here as well as there. The visitor is subtly guided deep into the valley of Glarus and back out again. Two lamps are shown, both displaying impressive and simple design. Delicate white reflectors in various positions and dimensions emphasise the light, allowing it to come into its own. The awarding panel was particularly persuaded by the fact that such a consistent and decisive presentation can be achieved with just a few precise gestures and entirely without technical gadgetry.