Remise, Museum Rietberg

Museum Rietberg
Project assistant:
Jonathan Hotz
Lucas Uhlmann
Milo Keller

The project is located in the coach house of the Museum Rietberg in Zurich. The simple building flanks the magnificent Villa Wesendonck, built by the Swiss architect Leonhad Zeugheer in 1853-57. Since 1952 the neoclassical building has been the seat of the Museum Rietberg, which specialises in non-European art. The brief was for a new space that could be transformed in just a few moves from an inspirational studio space for art education with children into a solemn space for celebrations and events. The point of departure for this project was the typology of the artist’s studio. Five product designs were produced specifically for this space: folding chair, wooden table, stone table, hanging lamp, and shelves. As in a studio, the atmosphere is created by a mixture of pragmatic planning and uniquely individual pieces.