Pen Cup

Moving Walls
Project assistant:
Sara Obrecht
Milo Keller

The pen cup is both a tool and an accessory. As a tool it has its function in collaborative processes. Here it serves as a penholder on the work wall of the Moving Walls. That is what it was developed for. The pen cup has two main customers. On the one hand the Swiss company Moving Walls, on the other hand the American company Idea Paint. Moving Walls is the producer of the work wall, while Idea Paint develops paint for whiteboards. This situation led to the idea of a dual use for the cups. In its second function the pen cup becomes a desk accessory. In that case the cup attaches to its counterpart with magnets. Thus the cups form containers for writing utensils and other items that are typically found on a desk. In terms of typology, they combine the cylindrical aspect of a quiver with a flat surface. Each cup attaches either to another cup or to the work wall.