Oyster, Designers' Saturday

Project assistant:
Sara Obrecht
Milo Keller

A single shell hyperboloid construction is created between the exhibition site and its content. It functions as a permeable envelope that enacts a subtle delineation but also carries the light source for the lighting of the Oyster product family (jörg boner productdesign) from the workshop of the Viennese collection Wittman. The construction of the structure follows the studies and projects of the Russian engineer Schuchow. Wladimir Grigorjewitsch Schuchow was one of the pre-eminent builders of the late 19th and early 20th century. Schuchow was a master of the art of economical building using minimal expenditure of material and costs. The presentation in Langenthal follows these sustainable premises. It is a topic that has lost none of its currency today, after more than a hundred years.