Project assistant:
Jonathan Hotz
Milo Keller

Intense engagement with the Austrian design history and the features of the Wittmann collection stand behind the design for Oyster. The former follows the story of the kind of comfortable, upholstered small and miniature furniture that has been around in the cafes of Vienna for centuries. The unique qualities of the Wittmann collection manifest as extraordinary quality, tradition, and an equally excellent “savoir faire” in the production of upholstered leather and fabric furniture. The design of Oyster comprises all four different types of upholstered furniture, which are combined into a family. The seams form lines which emerge as the characteristic feature common to all pieces in the family. The repetition of this detail and the expert visual design make it possible to represent the high quality standards of the collection in the product itself. In sculptural terms, however, only a few curves form the basic shape of the furniture.