Moving Walls

Moving Walls
Project assistant:
Romain Viricel
Milo Keller

One might be tempted to think that writable walls are an anachronism. Digitalisation continues to pervade our working lives more and more, and with it a never-ending flood of apps and digital tools. And yet, the desire for physical presence, human collaboration and face-to-face communication becomes stronger. Meeting people, exchanging ideas. Developing, sketching, erasing, re-imagining. The new Work Wall is based on a simple structure. Three vertical struts contain rolls and hinges. The soft profiles on the front side give an indication of a surprising function of the Work Wall. The walls can be connected with each other through a push button, extending the drawing board as desired. The geometry of the configuration changes depending on which front sides of the walls are connected. The Work Wall can be configured as a straight line or as a circle segment.