Lighting, Haus Bärengraben

Meier Leder Architects
Project assistant:
Jonathan Hotz
Romain Viricel
Milo Keller

This unusual lamp is the result of a project commissioned by Meier Leder Architects. The engagement with the recently constructed house in Baden began as a commission for light planning. This task led to the development of a new lamp. Almost everything about it is new. The production method and the use of material is striking. It is produced on location by the builder of the house. Unlike most lamps, this one is created not by using material but by leaving something out. During the casting of the concrete for the ceiling and walls the mould is placed into the formwork. Two lamp types were developed in this way, forming recesses which lead to spherically shaped reflectors. The concrete takes the light and reflects it. The lighting is achieved through direct light that hits the ground at the desired angle.