The factory, Designers' Saturday

Project assistant:
Jonathan Hotz
Simone Tharakan
Milo Keller

The Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal is a biennial event. It opens the doors for visitors to production sites in and around Langenthal, Switzerland. The installation was produced against this background. A small walk-in factory made from grey-board houses three of the designs which the studio had recently created. Producers have inside knowledge. Designers need opportunities to participate in that experience. The “Carte Blanche” is a designer‘s homage to the factory. It is an homage to the place which safeguards and develops the knowledge of production. The democratisation of production that is often postulated in this digital age is only one model among several options. Sites of production are always also places. They are embedded in a particular culture, to which they contribute and from which they derive nourishment.