CURV collection

Project assistant:
Louisa Carmona
Romain Viricel
Milo Keller

This is a lightweight solid wood collection. Conceptualized as a chair family, the CURV chair is available with and without armrests and the CURV table in 3 different shapes. The interplay of deliberate simplicity and surprising design details, gives the chair its special character. The simple, straight lines of the CURV chair contrast with the soft curves of its solid wood elements. This interplay of finished and raw material creates a formal tension within the technically sophisticated construction of two bended solid wood pieces. All components of the chair are formally identical – only the two backrests vary in shape and height. Designed for private as well as public spaces, both chair versions can be harmoniously combined. The chair is made of ash and is available in all 11 shades of the Stattmann colour range.