Recently we finished our latest product for the company ewo from South Tyrol. Ideally, design is a collaboration between all the parties involved.

Product design is an applied design task. That is exactly what stimulates my interest in this profession: to achieve the best possible result from the existing conditions. Of course I also question functions that initially seem to be a given. It was like that with the lamp GO. When I looked at a lamp from below I noticed that for ewo the interior of the lamps is actually quite important. Because the great quality of the company lies in its engineering, in its highly developed technology. In a sense, the optical lenses are the heart of ewo. That is what we wanted to show. And that is why we tried to avoid simply screwing the lenses in from below. Instead, we wanted to treat them like a gem, to present them on a velvet cushion, so to speak. That is the core of this new lamp design. The external shape follows this idea in all its implications.