Jörg Boner productdesign develops and designs products and spaces. We understand design and development work as a process that involves various people acting in a range of different fields. Our interest in design is stimulated where a project is situated within a particular context, where its background and specific aims can be articulated. We openly stand for author’s design. But it will always be seen as serving a client or a collection, or situated in the context of specific intentions and opportunities with respect to production technology.

We work for the following clients:

  - Axpo (CH)
  - ClassiCon (D)
  - COR (D)
  - Domestic (F)
  - EWO (I)
  - Louis Poulsen (DK)
  - Nestlé (CH)
  - Nils Holger Moormann (D)
  - Normann Copenhagen (DK)
  - nanoo by Faserplast (CH)
  - Schätti lights (CH)
  - Team by Wellis (CH)
  - Tossa (CH)
  - Veuve Clicquot (F)
  - Wittmann (A)
  - Wogg (CH)


Jörg Boner, product designer with a 1996 diploma from what was then the School for Design Basel. In 2001 he established Jörg Boner productdesign in Zurich. Since 2002 he teaches at
ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne) in addition to his work as product designer.

Romain Viricel finished the ECAL (école cantonale d'art de Lausanne) with a Bachelor diploma in 2013 at the département désign industriel. He is currently undertaking a six-month internship with Jörg Boner productdesign.

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Jörg Boner productdesign
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CH-8045 Zurich
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